I believe that counseling can be a place of growing, transformation, and healing. My approach is connected to the stories that we tell about ourselves and the way we think about ourselves. What part of your story do you want to change? What part of your life do you wish was different?

In my practice I see my role as sitting beside you, seeing the world through your eyes, and then the two of us figuring out together what you want to change and how we can make it happen.

Sometimes when we share our stories in a safe and non-judgmental space we learn things we never knew. I think that this experience can help us identify the things that we need to get unstuck, to heal, to move on, to relax, to trust, to focus, feel hopeful, to feel satisfied, or to be our authentic selves. I specialize helping adults and teenagers manage stress and anxiety and build self-esteem. I provide Individual Psychotherapy,Relationship Counseling, Sex Therapy, and Supervision, Consultation & Training.