Feeling Stuck or Numb

Sometimes that problem isn’t that we feel bad, it’s that we don’t feel at all. Or, maybe you know exactly how you feel and the problem is that you can’t figure out how to feel any other way. Therapy can be a place to untangle the knots inside of us. During this process, sometimes things begin to fall into place and make sense in ways we never even thought of before.

Change and Transition

Every day that we wake up we are different than we are the day before. Sometimes, however, this change comes in one fell swoop that leaves us spinning. Changes like ending a relationship, getting married, having children, or losing someone close to you can make you question who you are and who you want to be. Having a space where you know that you know you won’t be judged for your thoughts or feelings and your secrets will stay secrets can help you find your feet again when everything feels up in the air. I write about the different ways that life transitions and identity intersect at my Identity Issues Blog at GoodTherapy.org.

My Approach

I want therapy to be helpful and meaningful to you, which doesn’t always mean it will be easy. My work is influenced by a modality called Narrative Therapy; which focuses on the stories we tell about ourselves and how they impact us on a daily basis. I also utilize mindfulness tools from Buddhist Psychology, this approach places a great emphasis on being present and in the moment. Most importantly I see psychotherapy as a relationship between the therapist and client that can open up new potential for change and growth.  You are the expert on you. My job is to help you find new tools and strategies to make the changes in your life that you are looking for.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Adolescence is a hard time for both teenagers and their families.  Developmentally teenagers are in the throes of growing up, both physically and mentally.  Individual counseling for adolescents can:

– Help your teenager figure out their feelings

– Ease communication within the family

– Teach new skills to decrease sadness

– Find ways to help your son or daughter feel less worried

I offer individual counseling that is tailored to adolescents needs as well as assessments to help you determine what is going on for your teenager and how we can change it.

Please click here for additional resources: Resources for Parents

Sexual Minority Identities

I offer compassionate and culturally competent counseling for clients who are questioning their identity and clients who identify as  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, polyamorous, or kinky.

It is especially important to me to provide a non-judgmental and healing space for people who experience judgment, discrimination or oppression in their lives. I am a trained sexuality educator and sex therapist. This training included working with sexual minority communities.


Please contact me with any questions or for a free 1/2 hour appointment, (607)592-2173 or drdamonc@gmail.com.