Strengthening Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is hard work. One of the biggest misnomers, that ultimately is hurtful to all of us, is that relationships should be easy.  Relationships can be exciting, fulfilling, amazing, worthwhile, and important, and they are also challenging.  I believe that there are a wide range of healthy relationship structures including polyamory and open relationships as well as monogamy.  Relationship counseling is a space for you and your partner(s) to identify your strengths, clarify your goals, and revitalize the connection between you.

Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a normal and natural part of life that is with us from birth until death. It touches every part of our lives from body image and self confidence to intimacy and parenting – and yet most people don’t get the information they need to feel good about their sex lives. My services are inclusive to all sexual orientations and gender identities.

  • Are you satisfied with your sex life?
  • Do you have questions or concerns that you’re nervous to talk about?
  • Do you feel really good about sex but want to learn how it can be even better?